WUSTHOF Classic Utility Chopper, 6 Inch

Model: 4192-7  

The Wusthof Classic 6 inch Utility Chopper Surfer Knife is a versatile cutlery tool that can cut through just about any kind of food in your kitchen. This knife features a wide blade, reminiscent of a Santoku knife, with a reverse scalloped edge. The combination blade shape and edge type makes this knife ideal for cutting veggies and transporting them from your cutting board to your plate or pan. Reversed scalloped edges make clean cuts through most veggies, artisan breads with tough crusts, and thick skinned fruits. Knives with 6 inch blades are sometimes referred to as sandwich knives, and this Surfer Knife is excellent for slicing cheeses and salami to make sandwiches or cutting sandwiches in half after theyre made. Lifetime Wusthof Guarantee. Wusthof item number 4192-7
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