WELLNESSMATS Motif Collection - Bella - Brown - 6' x 2'

Model: MB62WMRBRN  

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Standing is believing™

Best in class...you stand on it, we stand behind it. 7 Year Warranty!

Take a Stand...on WellnessMats: The latest in anti-fatigue mat technology. WellnessMats provide maximum comfort, safety, and well-being while you stand, wherever you stand.

Advocated by healthcare professionals, medically proven to promote proper circulation and reduce fatigue, WellnessMats are the mat of choice for the Department of Homeland Security, TSA and are an industry favorite for hotels, airports, professional kitchens, and salon/spas across the country.

Providing rejuvenating relief for your feet, knees, and back, WellnessMats are incredibly soft yet durable. Their proprietary technology ensures that WellnessMats will remain buoyant, resilient, and provide optimal comfort and support for years.

WellnessMats' gradual edges will never curl and will always lay flat to prevent tripping. Easy-to-clean, inherently anti-microbial, puncture & heat resistant, WellnessMats are perfect for any place you find yourself standing: the kitchen, vanity, laundry room, home gym, shop, or even garage use.

The soft embossed mats feature beautiful, classic "relief-style" patterns that add a refreshing, decorative element to WellnessMats and your home without sacrificing comfort or performance. Sharing all of the attributes as the Original, WellnessMats introduces the latest in our decorative Motif Collection, Bella.

WellnessMats' best-selling mat, the 6 x 2 allows you more surface area so you can stand or work in comfort and safety. Often used in larger and professional kitchens, the 6 x 2 is perfect in front of an island, the sink, the stove, or even in the lavatory. This larger mat allows you complete freedom of movement and complete comfort underfoot.


  • Unmatched comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Will always lay flat
  • Stain, Heat and Bacteria resistant
  • No-trip beveled edge
  • No unfriendly odors
  • Non-slip top and Non-skid bottom
  • Will not discolor
  • 7 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 100 recyclable


    Any common household cleaner will work well and will not harm your WellnessMat. It can also be spot cleaned, swept, stick vacuumed (non-brushrolled), mopped or steam cleaned.

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