PROGRESSIVE Progressive Onion Chopper

Model: GOC-310  

Never shed another tear over chopping onions! The Onion Chopper is a great tool for dicing, chopping, and measuring onions without the mess, tears, or smelly hands!


  • Color: White
  • External Dimensions: 11 in. L × 3 in. W × 5 in. H
  • Materials: Plastic container and lid, metal blades.
  • Warranty: SatiSGaction Guaranteed

Special Features

  • Dice onions in one swift motion
  • Enclose onion to minimize odors and reduce tearing.
  • dishwasher safe.
  • Measures up to 2 cups with 1/2 cup increments.

Cleaning and Care

  • Dishwasher safe.
Regularly: $19.95
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