OXO No Spill Ice Stick Tray

Model: 11147700  

Make ice that fits in your water bottle in this ice stick tray! Get 12 slender ice sticks that fit in many containers with small openings.

Stack multiple ice trays, prevent odor absorption, and - best of all - dont spill the water! This OXO ice stick tray is designed with a silicone top that folds back while youre filling, and lays flat over the top, protecting your specialty slender ice sticks.

Heres a tip to release the sticks without them cracking: run warm water on the underside while holding the lid securely, and theyll pop out easily, ready for any cold drink on the menu!


  • High-density polyethylene tray
  • Light blue, silicone top
  • BPA-free
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • 8.8 oz. capacity
  • 6in W x 14in L x 1.25in H
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