KEILEN Bread Warmer and Basket

Model: 320-25  

The Keilen Bread Warmer and Basket is easy to use and keeps your bread warm and presented nicely in the wicker basket.

To use, heat the warming stone in the microwave or oven, then slip it into the pocket of the cloth warmer. Put the stone at the bottom of the basket and wrap your bread in the liner. Easy!


  • Color: Brown basket, red liner
  • External Dimensions: 11 in. L × 7 in. W × 2.75 in. H
  • Materials: wicker basket with liner and ceramic warming stone

Special Features

  • Handmade wicker basket
  • Cloth liner with pocket
  • Terra cotta warming stone
  • Microwave- and oven-safe stone

Cleaning and Care

  • Hand washing recommended for the stone
  • Wipe down basket
  • Cloth is machine washable.
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