DOUGHMAKERS 10 x 15 Inch Aluminum Jelly Roll Pan

Model: 10311  

For baking sponge cakes, large quantities of cookies and even for heating hors doeuvres, this Jelly Roll Pan by Doughmakers will help you achieve perfect results.

Each pan surface features an Original Pebble Pattern that is not a coating but a texture thats embossed right into the pan, which offers the benefits of nonstick without a chance of peeling. It also holds grease and flour better and allows air to circulate properly for even baking.

Doughmakers pans have strong edges to prevent warping, extra depth and straight sidewalls for professional results. Its craftsmanship you can count on every time you bake.


  • Material : Aluminum
  • Dimensions : 10x15x.75-in.
  • Origin : U.S.A.
  • Cleaning Care : Handwash with Mild Cleanser
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime
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