Model: BEW600XL  

Searing high-wall heat wok that works just like a traditional iron wok on a gas range. Butterfly Heating element evenly distributes heat up the high wall to 425 F, bringing real Asian flare to the at-home kitchen.

Similar to cooking with gas, the 1500W Butterfly Element distributes heat up the walls of the wok. The heat-responsive die-cast aluminum then maintain this high heat to sear food. Includes 15 precise heat settings up to High Sear/425F to emulate Asian-style cooking. For best results, preheat for 10 minutes on High Sear setting before beginning to cook.

Cook n Look tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent allows for the ideal amount of moisture for any dish.

Not limited to Asian stir-fry, 15 heat settings can be used for all kinds of meals, including pasta, soups, curries, or scrambled eggs.

The durable Quantanium non-stick finish of the wok bowl needs less oil to cook and can be wiped down for convenient clean-up.


  • 6 Quart
  • Quantanium Non-Stick Bowl that can be wiped down for easy clean-up
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