BONJOUR Creme Brulee Set

Model: 53489  

Bonjour's best-selling Creme Brulee set includes all of the tools you need to create rich, delicious Creme Brulee at home! Ideal for making this quick and easy dessert for entertaining, or as a gift.

The torch included in this Creme Brulee set features an adjustable, anti-flare flame, important for caramelizing the Creme Brulee crust of this decadent, yet easy dessert. The Creme Brulee torch also has a rubberized comfort-grip handle, and a removable base for upright storage.

The Creme Brulee torch is controlled by a thumb-activated button and safety lock. A simple slider adjusts the length of the flame, and a sliding air-control adjusts the flame width.

Butane not included for safety reasons; it can be purchased at most supermarkets, gourmet, and hardware stores.


  • Size: 5 piece
  • Materials: rubberized comfort grip torch body; plastic torch stand; 4 oz. porcelain ramekins (oval and scalloped)
  • Controls: on button; safety lock; flame length slider; sliding air-control lever, adjusts flame width
  • Warranty: 1 year, limited

Special Features

  • Includes a butane torch, 4 -4 oz. ramekins, and a delicious Creme Brulee recipe.
  • Torch features an anti-flare flame for consistent, even heat.
  • Torch can be used to caramelize sugar; brown meringue; melt and brown cheese; skin, roast, or blacken tomatoes and peppers.

Cleaning and Care

  • Oven and microwave safe.
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
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