BODUM Bistro Electric Water Kettle, Red

Model: 11452-294US  

Don't let the task of boiling water be a chore.

This electric water kettle is the quickest, most energy-efficient way to boil water. Help save energy and boil just the amount you need for your coffee or tea! (Or Ramen Noodles if you're a college student!)

The Bistro Water Kettle includes a mesh-screen spout to strain occasional mineral build-up, a cordless portable container (34oz.), and an automatic steam-sensored shut-off feature. Coordinate the color with your kitchen and start boiling water efficiently for all your hot water needs!


  • 7.75in. x 8.75in. x 4.875in.
  • 34oz water capacity (also available: 17oz)
  • Automatic steam-sensored shut-off
  • Portable, cordless container
  • Mesh-screened spout
  • Red (comes in white and black)
Regularly: $72.00
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